Hail Protection Car Umbrella (Sunscreen, waterproof, UVproof)


Hail Protector SUV2 Size Portable Cover System for Truck, SUV and Van … You’ll find that this feature also works great with hail, sleet, and even the icicles of freezing rain. Special straps slide down over your side mirrors to keep.



The Hail Protector SUV2 Portable Cover System is a must-have for truck, SUV, and van owners. With a universal size fit, this 4.2m/4.8m car roof shade cover is designed to protect your vehicle from hail, sleet, freezing rain, and more. The special straps slide down over your side mirrors to ensure a secure fit.

One of the most convenient features of this cover system is the remote control operation. With just one click, you can easily fold and unfold the cover, making it a breeze to use. The cover is also portable, measuring just 33 inches in length when folded, and weighing only 5.5 kgs, making it easy to store in your trunk without adding any extra burden.

The double windproof design of the Hail Protector SUV2 makes it protective for both the umbrella and your car. It can withstand even the stormiest winds, ensuring your car stays protected. Additionally, the customized design allows for ventilation between the tent and the car, effectively blocking heat from being transmitted into the vehicle, especially on hot days.

With a large surface area, the Hail Protector SUV2 can protect your car from dust, hail, bird droppings, falling leaves, and more. Whether you’re parking, going on camping trips, taking a nap in your car while waiting, or on a business trip, this cover system has got you covered.

Please note that shipping takes 2-3 weeks. Order now to keep your vehicle protected all year round!