Independent PDR Alliance, is a program we are putting together along with a number of other like minded independent techs, many of which who are family owned and operated (local owners).

The Independent PDR Alliance program implements a network available to insurance carriers and other autobody repair shops throughout Canada. This platform provides a platform for insurance carriers and shops to efficiently manage and research the best fit for their damage repair assignments, without the headache of trying to manage various appraisal sources. It also eliminates the hassle of arranging for individual techs, instead you can hire several techs, that come together as a single front under one umbrella. One system, being able to hire more local and independent. There are no referral fees paid by the Independent PDR Alliance repair network members, so there are no additional costs passed along to you.

The Independent PDR Alliance web tool dispatches appraisals to our admin, and they assign the best fit Independent Appraisers, Tech and shop. The Independent PDR Alliance dispatch center brings all of your information together. With an intuitive adjuster desktop, all claim information is readily available and viewable right from one place. And all members are in agreeance to rates, which matrix used per hire, and on the location-based jobs. The Independent PDR Alliance members have a member login from this website where we communicate in real time, share data, tips, tricks, and update one another on industry news and of course hail locations.

If you are seeking to be an IPDRA member, please fill out the form. To be a member, you have to be an independent tech or shop. Partners and techs will each be reviewed based on the forms filled out. Once approved you will have FULL access to the member’s login page and forum, and be listed on the directory.

Independent PDR Alliance continuously maintains a directory of PDR auto damage repair facilities and mobile techs, that are categorized and searchable by geographical area, service specialization, and amenities that the facility offers such as rental space, etc.

One-Stop Dispatching
Independent PDR Alliance supports a platform which allows for electronic dispatching to multiple communications steams and topics. Adjusters can log in to the site and choose to dispatch repair assignments to a body shop or an independent estimator. Estimates can also be optionally submitted for a desk review by itself or along with a job to an estimate source.

Profile/Guidelines Management
Through the Independent PDR Alliance tool, insurance carriers can populate a form with repair guidelines. These guidelines can be updated as often as necessary, and a history is maintained on the system. Repair facilities are always assured of getting the latest profile instructions when viewing them online and also receive a link to the active profile with each assignment.

PDR Repair Partners (Multi-shop operators)
Independent PDR Alliance is excited to bring you the industry leaders in paintless dent repair. In addition to the top independent repair facilities, we have also teamed up with the most recognized tech’s, to provide you the best in customer care. These shops, with multiple locations across Canada, are well-known for their quality and service, with customers and insurance companies alike. When looking for a repair provider, and wanting to support your independent techs or shops, look no further. Independent PDR Alliance is the answer.

To view the website as it is being developed visit IPDRA.ca or to join our mailing list to be notified as we go live. To get involved or learn more please email hello@hailcraftsmen.com.